Maintenance Matters

So, your tenant just moved out and you still haven’t found a new one and your property is vacant…sounds like the perfect time to stop maintaining your property, right? Wrong!

In fact, you should take advantage of your property being empty and do maintenance that can’t be done when it is being rented out. Use this time to paint walls, steam carpets and wax tiles, and perform more prolonged repairs, like fixing a staircase. These are things that you can’t do on any given day because people and furniture will get in the way. You should also continue checking that your smoke detectors and alarm system (if you have one) are in working order since they won’t be put to use as much as they normally would be.

Maintaining your property when it’s vacant is essential in finding a new tenant; if your property looks nice, people will be more inclined to rent it from you than if it looks unkempt. Consistencyis key in maintaining your property, you should always keep up the regular maintenance even if no one is living in it. Little things, like mowing the lawn and raking leaves, really impact the appearance of your house and can affect how they feel about. Consistent maintenance also shows potential tenants that you’re a good landlord. Consider someone is interested in your property and views it on multiple separate occasions and notices that the garden always looks nice and the bathrooms are always clean; they’ll feel that you’re a good landlord and will take care of problems that may arise.