Pricing: It’s All Relative

So, you’ve fixed up your property and now it’s time to put in on the market and find a tenant to rent it out to, the only question is: what pricing strategy should you use to maximize your income?

Pricing is relative, meaning that you should set your rental price according to the area, type of property, and the cost of investment. It’s important to do research on what similar properties in your area are being rented out for to make sure that the price you have in mind isn’t too high or too low based on what you have to offer. You also need to consider the income level of the people living in the area where your property it; you can’t set a crazy high price if most people in the area have low incomes, because you won’t find tenants. The cost of investment you incurred is also an important factor in determining how much to charge for rent because you want to make sure that you’re not selling yourself short and that you’re actually maximizing the income potential for the property.

Once you’ve done the research and have a general idea about how much you want to charge for rent you can employ a few other tactics to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your property. You should always make sure to set the price a bit higher than the desired amount you want to leave a little wiggle room for negotiation (people will always want to go lower, not higher). You should also consider ending the price with with an odd number instead of with ‘.00’. People would rather pay $3,995 instead of $4,000 even though the difference is tiny. This also helps when people are searching for properties and want to search for a property under ‘X’ amount because it’ll allow your property to fall under that window.