Time of the (Hurricane) Season

hurricaneWith hurricane season officially having started about  a week ago, it’s that time where having your property severe-storm ready is a must. As a homeowner, you have a big responsibility to make sure that your home is prepared for the upcoming severe weather; investing time and money into preparing your home can save you lots later on. Your tenant will also be happy knowing that you’re making a point to keep them safe.

Before the actual storm hits, be sure that all things that you have outdoors that have a risk of getting damaged, or flying away, are secured inside. If you have a shed, or something that can’t be picked up and moved inside, anchor it to the ground and make sure it’s locked. As far as windows or glass doors, make sure your property is protected! If shutters are too pricy, plywood is also a good way to board up any windows your home may have. You should also be sure to check your rain gutters and keep them clean so water can flow through easily and doesn’t accumulate.

If your property is in an area that usually gets hit pretty bad by hurricanes, you should definitely consider getting hurricane insurance. Just like other types of insurance there are different plans to choose from so it’s up to you to decide what kind of coverage is best for your home.