Essential Features of a Real Estate Mobile Website


It is essential that real estate professionals have a website that is mobile friendly. A recent survey showed that 79% of mobile users will leave a website and never return if it is not mobile friendly. It is hard to get this consumers back. Here are a few features your real estate mobile website will need that will keep your consumers coming back.


You will want to include location information on everything related to your business. Period.


A convenient feature to have is click-to-call. Once users click on a button or on your phone number listed on your website, it will take them straight to a phone call between you and them.


Another important feature is an email button or link of some kind. This way an email to you is just a click away.


Apps attract users more than a website does. Apps can also be a great avenue to collect lead information.

Social Links

Be sure to have links to your social media accounts somewhere on the page. And give them plenty of options.


Video, that’s done well, attract users big time. Place a short video focusing on you and your business on the front page.

Big Buttons

I can’t stress this enough. The buttons on your website need to be big enough so the user does not get frustrated when they constantly click the wrong button because the buttons are too small.

Easy Navigation

Easy navigation is one of the most important aspects of any website. Make sure your website is not confusing to navigate, or the user will get frustrated and click away – to your competitor.

Search Bar

A search bar is a good feature to have. They can quickly search for content that can be hard to find otherwise.

Up-And-Down Scrolling Only

Make sure that your site only scrolls up and down, not left to right. That will get annoying fast.

An Option to View the Full Site

Sometimes mobile users will want to access the full site for whatever. Give them that option, even if it sounds silly to you.

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