How to Mentor A New Property Manager

business-handshakeWhen it comes to mentoring new property managers, you must give them the best training you can possibly give. You’re building a team for the long haul.

You should have a good idea as to how to pick a great property manager. Make sure you get those steps right before you get to this stage, or you’ll fall behind. Each step in the selection, interview, recruitment, and induction stage is also a training stage, and those steps must not be missed. Guidelines, performance indicators, minimum performance standards, and policies and procedures on each of the steps within your business are essential. Be sure to start the mentoring process soon after induction.

Mentoring is about spending quality time with your new hiree. This is about showing them in detail how to become a better property manager. Take the time, demonstrate how you complete your tasks, set your expectations, watch them do it, and repeat. It doesn’t have to be a long time as long as it is quality time. The worst thing you can do is rush through this beginning phase. This will cause problems as you will end up not explaining the process or why its done that way. New hirees need a strong foundation.

Remember that your biggest weapon is to communicate early and be crystal clear. This is an important time for your success and should not be taken lightly. Again, be very clear on your expectations of your new property manager. Make sure they communicate to you as well. Encourage them to ask questions if they are unsure about any aspect about the job.

Mentoring is about nurturing your team member into an outstanding property manager. You want them to be better at it than you, so show them how you do it and get them to improve on that.

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