Sears Making Moves in the Real Estate Industry


Earlier today, Sears decided to change up the nature of its business and dabble in the real estate game. Sears, which has had retail locations all over the United States since 1925, is now selling some of these locations, along with Kmart locations to balance out their finances. Sears plans on selling some of its best properties (a whopping 254 stores!) and leasing them back. The department store chain is working out the deal with Seritage Growth Properties, who will buy the properties lease them back to Sears. Sears is also working out a real estate joint venture with General Growth Properties, the number 2 mall owner in the United States. The joint venture involves Sears receiving $165 million dollars and fifty percent ownership of the venture, in exchange for 12 of their locations in General Growth Properties’ malls.

Some think that Sears isn’t making the right move in its new real estate venture, but it seems like it could definitely help them. We all know that real estate has definitely grown since the economic slump in 2009, and commercial real estate is no exception. Sears isn’t putting its name or brand at stake, its just restructuring its assets (both internally and externally) through effective real estate. It’s interesting to think that such a huge company is using real estate to turn itself around; could it be possible that other companies will follow in Sears’ footsteps?