When should you start looking for a new tenant?

If you’re having problems with your current tenant, you have to ask yourself, at what point is it time to have them move out and find a new tenant?

Finding a good tenant is hard, and keeping a good tenant is even more difficult. Sometimes a tenant that may

new tenant, eviction

have been the best thing since sliced bread can turn sour, leaving you with a mess. At some point, you need to start considering finding a new tenant that you know you’ll be at peace with.

Now, you can’t just decide to evict your tenant out because they’re bothering you, but you can evict them if you

have a reason. While actual eviction laws vary from state to state, if you have a valid reason to ask your tenant to leave, it’s typically justified. If your tenant remains in your property beyond the date stated in the lease, you can evict them. You can also evict them if they fail to pay rent. Property damage, and rule breaking

are also justifiable reasons for to ask your tenant to leave the property. Basically, at the first sign of any of these, or if you feel that your tenant is putting you or your property in danger, you should ask them to leave to avoid further problems.