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Announcing beta for a new Tenant Screening feature!

With our new tenant screening partner, Background Info USA, we have developed a new feature which will save time for Tenant File users. This is the ability to export, save and update the Tenant File with the new applicant information.

When you use the Tenant File tenant screening, you now have the ability to have your applicant fill in their rental application online. The applicant can also pay their application fee and a notice will be emailed to you.  Once you approve the applicant, you can now export their information to a file that you would save in a folder on your computer.  The file is in CSV (comma separated value) format, and is a convenient way to save all of your applicant information in one place.

With the new beta for tenant screening, the Tenant File has created an program that will display all applicants in the folder in a spreadsheet type format, or individually per applicant. When you are ready to move in the applicant into a vacant rental, the Tenant File will automatically transfer the basic applicant information into the program.

If you are interested in trying out this service, please give us a call at 1-800-398-3904, and we will email you the program for free.


The Tenant File Property Management Software


Great DOMAIN NAMES for your Property Management business!

As you know, a great domain name is critical for your business. Your domain name is your identity on the web, and should be something that is memorable for your customers.  A great domain name tells the Internet searcher that your business is real and established.

Secondly, a domain name is valuable as a tool to get your website found. If you domain name is ‘’ you can’t expect for anyone to type that into the browser bar, and it will be hard to get a good Google Placement. It is important to Google that you have some of the ‘keywords’ in your domain name that match what the end user will be typing. Those keywords might be ‘rentals’, ‘property management’, ‘tenants’, or similar names. Since all of the great names are taken and cost tens of thousands of dollars (or more), many companies are using an ‘i’ (for Internet) in front of the name, similar to the iPhone, iPad, iHome, and other products.

The Tenant File owns over 300 domain names relating to property management software for that very reason. However, we have collected some great domains that don’t relate to ‘software’ but are fantastic for property managers. Here are some:

Just give us a call at 1-800-398-3904 if you are interested in purchasing any of these domains. They won’t be very expensive except for, which is a very valuable domain name. Thanks!


Introducing our new site Real Estate Available (

The Tenant File is proud to announce our new sister site: Real Estate Available ( This new site is to help prospective buyers find their dream home anywhere in the United States. Through a partnership with Zillow, the worlds leading home search engine, we have created a site to quickly produce the most up to the minute homes for sale which are available right now.

And we have not forgotten our substantial Tenant File customer base. Every Tenant File customer will be given a free listing under their state on the Real Estate Available site. While this will be a paid listing for others, our customers will get a free listing simply by ‘liking’ the Tenant File on Facebook. We will set up each Tenant File company with their name in bold, the company logo, a short description, the website URL and their email address. This listing is for a full year!

We appreciate our customers and hope that you will share in our enthusiasm for this new site for home search.  At the Tenant File we are looking forward to sharing our success with you.


One week special ONLY! Through August 31st

Every once and a while we have a crazy idea and here is my latest. And all you have to do is ‘like’ us on Facebook!

Until August 31, if you ‘like’ us on ‘Facebook’ (bottom of the Tenant File home page), we’ll give you a free setup and TWO free months of the RentalWIZ service.  With no obligation to continue after the free period.  The RentalWIZ service will consolidate your Tenant File information, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, etc and upload it to the Internet free of charge. Plus, we’ll create your very own web page for your vacancy listings for you to link to from your own website or emails.

Hurry, before I get in trouble with my bosses!





Tenant File Property Management Software

Tenant File Blog Logo with TextWelcome to the Tenant File Property Management Software blog! We have created the Tenant File blog for you – our valuable customers – so that we can hear from you about your wants and needs to improve the Tenant File. Your input is important to help us know what we should be working on to keep the Tenant File as America’s favorite rental property software!

We will also provide tips and tricks for using the Tenant File Property Management Software to the fullest extent. We hope you like this addition – please feel free to post your comments and suggestions for improvement.

Thank you!

Tenant File Webmaster

About the Tenant File: The Tenant File is America’s Favorite Desktop Property Management Software program. It is easy to learn and use, yet has the powerful features you need as a property manager or landlord. The software has accounting for both the tenant and the landlord, provides over 100 great reports, has a reminder system, scheduler, unlimited vendors, check writing, reconciliation, and much more!

In addition to a great product, the Tenant File company also provides great service. The entire User Guide is built-in to the program, there are numerous helpful videos on our website and on YouTube, How-To articles, and other documentation. In addition, you can download a sample program before you buy, and we provide free phone support to get you started.

The Tenant File is the best solution for property managers, owners of rental property, and landlords. We hope that you enjoy the Tenant File Blog, and all of the dedication and hard word we have put in to create it. One more thing, we also have an eBook called ‘What ALL Landlords REALLY Need to KNOW’. It is an excellent guide for new landlords especially. Look it up at Amazon! Thank you!