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Community Amenities

So, a few days ago we talked about different amenities that you should be sure to have on your property for your tenants. Community wide amenities are always good to have because they give your residents a reason to come together while adding a whole other level of appeal to your property. What kind of community amenities should you consider adding to your property?

A community pool is a great idea and definitely a big selling point for people. Maintenance on the swimming isn’t going to be too costly, and your residents will want to stay at your property longer. This is also very appealing for people with children looking for  a new place to lease because kids looooove pools. A pool area is also the perfect place to have an outdoor bar or kitchen! This will totally fly in summer time, and gives you the opportunity to hold community barbecues for your residents.

playgroundIf your property is one where a lot of tenants have children, a playground is definitely something you should consider adding if you don’t already have one. This a community amenity that you won’t cost you a lot to put in place but will make your residents very happy because they’ll feel that your property is a place for the entire family.

If you want to add some recreational space for your adult residents, think about a basketball or tennis court, or even both. This is also a great fitness outlet if you can’t have an on-site gym. You can even hold games and tournaments to bring your residents together!


A Community Within a Community


As a property manager, it’s your job to ensure that your residents feel happy and at home where they’re living. For a lot of people, this sense of “home” is largely based on how integrated they feel within the community. Depending on your property and residents, there are a few different ways you can foster this community feeling within your property.

If you have a property with a lot of units, and therefore a lot of residents, your residents may feel that they don’t know all the people living among them. To fix this, you can hold social events for  residents to come together. You can have different dinners and barbecues for holidays and events throughout the year. A potluck would be a great way to bring all your residents together and have them all contribute to the night, giving it a more personal feel.

Another really great way to give your property a community feel is by having communal areas for your residents. If possible, you can have a community pool and sports areas where your residents can come together in their spare time. If a lot of your residents have kids, you can have child play areas and a playground for both the parents and kids of your community to come together. For properties with a lot of college students (or even millennials!), you can make work areas where residents can study, print, or just use the computer. You can even use this communal area to hold viewing parties for a big TV premier or awards show.

If your residents feel as though they’re truly part of the community within your property, they’ll feel more at home and more comfortable living there.