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Life’s A Stage: The Importance of Staging

Staging your way to success!

Recently at Tenant File, we read a BuzzFeed article about the importance of using good photos when posting real estate listings. Making sure your real estate listing looks good is crucial because its the first image that people see of the property, and creates an idea in their heads of what to expect. These photos would be nothing if the home doesn’t have anything in it, simply blank walls and emptiness; this brings up why staging is so important in renting or selling your property.

Staging involves setting up your home to have it shown to potential tenants or buyers. The home is fixed and decorated to appeal to those who are interested in possibly living there, making them feel comfortable and welcome. You want your property to be staged in a way that makes the person seeing it feel at home; you want them to feel comfortable with the idea of living there themselves and making it their own home.

Effective staging involves using the right paint colors, furniture, decor, and overall ambiance. Use warm and light colors to make the room seem bigger and have a nice calm feel. Make sure that the furniture you choose also goes with the overall design of the house; you wouldn’t furnish an old Victorian home with very modern furniture. As far as decor, have pillows on couches, to exude a look of comfort, and paintings and wall decor to be able to draw people into the room. Another great tip is to have candles lit throughout the home with a nice, calm scent (vanilla is a great choice) because it makes people associate the home with nice, warm, positive thoughts.



Do you have any great staging tips that you always use? Tell us about them today!