We Warned You That Your Online Data Wasn’t Safe

Have YOU been affected by the Heartbleed bug? Yes, either directly or indirectly! We’ve been warning for quite some time now that your online data IS NOT safe! Now comes the Heartbleed bug…My passwords have been compromised???

My passwords have been compromised???

This is a major problem that affects nearly everyone. For the past two years the SSL (secure website data transfer method) has had a bug. A bug that allows your user name, password, YOUR sensitive data, your CLIENTS sensitive data to be stolen.

This is on top of the recent breeches from Target and too many other websites to keep up with. What are they saying you should do? Change your passwords – ALL of them, starting with your online financial websites. The future is here and the prospect is alarming. You are a property manager in charge of the private financial data, social security numbers, contact information, and passwords for your clients. You are facing a lot of problems if that information gets out. Not to mention that you are out of business if your server goes down. The Tenant File doesn’t have those issues – it is a desktop application, and your data in always on your own computer. Don’t roll the dice!