A Good Tenant Is Not Hard To Find

If you have been a landlord long enough, chances are you have seen your fair share of bad tenants. You have likely dealt with late rent, domestic disturbances, noise complaints, perhaps even destruction of property. You might even be at your wit’s end, wondering where on earth you are going to find a stable, reliable tenant. Do not lose hope! Good tenants are out there, and with the right knowledge and resources, you can find them. This article will offer some pointers on how to ensure that all of your tenants will be an ideal fit for your property.


Use Technology To Your Advantage


An important step in this process of finding the ideal tenant is screening potential applicants. In this case, it pays to utilize technology. By installing rental property management software on your computer, you greatly increase the tools in your screening arsenal. Such software allows you to run a credit check, a criminal background check, and previous rental history. Knowing this information upfront alleviates the three major concerns that most landlords have: that the tenant pays their debts (and isn’t bogged down with excess bills), that the tenant is a law-abiding citizen, and that the tenant has not caused any issues at other apartments. If the background check raises any red flags, do not hesitate to move on and keep looking. Don’t settle!


Be Deliberate With Your Ad Placement


finding good tenants


One good way to attract good tenants is to let good tenants know what you are offering them. This is why it is important to get the word out there regarding your property. Promote your amenities, your location, and the great deals that tenants will get by renting your property. To attract the ideal tenants, it is important to be deliberate about where you are placing these ads. Putting up fliers all over town, or using classified sites like Craigslist will likely attract any and all types, including scammers. Try advertising in more exclusive places, like real-estate guides and websites, or lifestyle magazines. Yes, you will spend more money advertising this way, but having stable tenants in all of your units makes the investment pay off.


Wait For Your Check To Clear


If you have found a tenant who has signed your lease and given you a check, congratulations! You may be tempted to take down your listing at this point. This is not recommended. While it may be tempting to just relax and know your apartment is rented, you should wait for the check to clear first. While we would like to think the best of people, the truth is that checks bounce, issues arise, and the tenant we thought we were getting ends up being way different than what we expected. Take down your listing and remove your advertisements once the money is in your hand. Trust us, this will save you many headaches. If it turns out you are not getting the money that you thought you were, at least you are in prime position to get another tenant.