Dealing with the Ongoing COVID Issues as a Rental Property Manager

Working Tenant File at ComputerWe thought that the coronavirus would be a blip in the rear-view mirror by now, but it is more like an annoying car that won’t pass you but rides your bumper. Every one of us had found ways to deal with it, but many of us have had to deal with sickness, heartache, and fear of the unknown.

As a property manager like us, we know that you have had to deal with business challenges, such as having to figure out a way to keep your employees connected, keep your business operating, keep you and your customers safe, and dealing with rent payments. Or maybe, dealing with ‘no’ rent payments.  The government hasn’t been kind to landlords during the pandemic, but tenants have been assisted quite a bit. The mandate to halt evictions has let some tenants receive stimulus checks but then decide to not pay rent, leaving the landlords wondering how they are going to make their mortgage payments.

At the Tenant File, we’ve dealt with similar issues, yet have managed to provide uninterrupted support for all of our customers. We’ve provided suggestions on how to use the Tenant File remotely, online tenant screening and rental applications, plus provided ways to receive your rent via online payments.

As a desktop product, the Tenant File gives you speed and the security that your data is safe and in your own hands. However, you can indeed use it over the Internet, if you make use of third-party applications such as Mikogo, GoToMyPc, RemotePC and others. Although it is not specifically supported, we also know of customers that are using Google Drive, Dropbox, and other shared folders to remotely share the Tenant File.

We are also developing a companion product that will be web based. We’ve had too many requests from customers for this option to ignore. However, we intend to keep the basic premise of the desktop alive and well. That is, to make sure it is easy to use, secure, and affordable. We are asking for input from current Tenant File customers to be sure we provide what you need in a rental property software product. Your loyalty is greatly appreciated and all of us at Tenant File want to be sure that we can meet your needs for years to come.

At the time of this writing, my in-laws all have the Delta COVID. I’m sure all of you have been touched by this disease in some way, too. But we’ve faced greater challenges as a country and I have faith in America. My prayers are for all of you. I wish you health and for your business to prosper and return to what we used to call ‘normal’.