The Tenant File BlogThe Tenant File Property Management Software has been creating industry leading real estate products since 1989. Thousands of users depend upon the Tenant File daily to help simplify the chores of property management. The Tenant File Blog is for you, the landlord or property manager. We hope that the articles, tips, and insights that we provide will help your business grow and prosper! If you have any content or suggestions that will help other property managers, we certainly welcome your input!

Our company is based in Austin Texas, and we believe in the ‘friendly state’ attitude. Our customer service is the best in the industry, encompassing phone support, web support, printed support and email support. Even though we provide videos online and a User Guide right in the software, we still strive to makeĀ  our product the most ‘straight forward’ product with a ‘common sense’ layout.

The TenantĀ  File is a family owned company, and has been from the beginning. We have seen a lot of companies come and go. Our philosophy is to constantly improve as technology improves, yet will provide an easy-to-use product that is desktop based for better speed and security.

Our customers have guided the progress of the Tenant File over the years by their helpful comments and suggestions. We welcome your input on the Tenant File blog and hope your property management business is wildly successful.

To submit any material to the Tenant File blog, please send a request and a sample to the email found at www.TenantFile.com. Thank you so much for your interest in the Tenant File!

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