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Is your listing lost in the internet jungle?

The internet has proved to be a phenomenal tool for real estate. Properties can be shared on just about any site, becoming accessible to billions of people within seconds. That being said, with all of the content available on the internet, it’s pretty easy for your listing to get lost somewhere in cyberspace. What can you do to make sure that your listing is reaching enough people?

A good place to start is social media, specifically Facebook. Facebook has millions of daily users, all having something in common: the ability to share posts. If you post your real estate listing on Facebook and have your friends and family share it, the reach is automatically getting bigger. Their friends and family can also see the post and share it themselves, presenting your listing to tons more people. This constant sharing will keep it as a relevant post and will prevent it from getting lost amongst memes and family photos.

It’s also a good idea to post your listing on trusted real estate websites, like Zillow, or Yahoo! Homes. People trust these sites because their main focus is real estate, and that’s what they’re known for. It’s like buying a car; are you going to look on Craigslist first, or look on Autotrader, a site known for car sales? Take advantage of the credibility of these sites and let your listings be seen! Using Craigslist for real estate is useful, but it’s really more targeted towards your community. If you go for a bigger site, the listing will be seen by those who don’t live in your area (yet) but are looking for a home there.


It’s all about the listing!

The listing of your property is one of the most important factors in getting people interested and drawing them in. Whether you’re a real estate agent, property manager, or just someone looking to rent out your home, you need to make sure you have a good listing that accurately represents your property.

Be sure to mention things that will draw people in, like a swimming pool or fireplace; these are things that aren’t common among all homes, so they make yours stand out. It’s also very important to use good language when writing up your listing. Writing “beautiful kitchen with granite counter tops and island perfect for entertaining” sounds significantly more appealing than just writing “granite counter tops and island in kitchen”. 


Be specific in your listing! Putting all the necessary information saves you the hassle of dealing with tons of phone calls from people who have to ask you things about your listing, and also makes it easier for potential tenants to know what to expect when they look at your property. Be clear about the number of rooms and bathrooms, as well as things like the square footage of your home; make sure you have the details that you know people will want to know.

Pictures are also a huge part of the listing, don’t think that because your wrote a detailed description you can omit the visuals. Make sure you have pictures that look good and “flatter” your property. The pictures shouldn’t be too edited otherwise they don’t really give an accurate image of your property and can be misleading to people once they go see it.

You want your listing to make people say “WOW! Now this is something I need to check out!”, so be sure that you this is what you’re conveying!