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The Google Update: What’s to Come


As some of you may know, Google, the most popular search engine, is is going to be launching a new algorithm on April 21st that focuses on the mobile-friendliness of your site.

What does this mean for your real estate website?

Basically, all sites that haven’t been optimized to be mobile friendly will go down in the Google search rankings. Considering how important the internet is for the real estate industry, this new algorithm is a pretty big deal. This is a great opportunity for realtors and real estate companies to change up their web pages beyond just making them mobile friendly. Being mobile friendly doesn’t simply mean changing the coding of your site so that it can be seen on a phone or tablet, it means optimizing it so that it’s user friendly and aesthetically pleasing too.

Being mobile friendly will also help increase web page views! If people can access your site on the go, they’ll be more likely to go on it. It’s very convenient knowing that you can go on a real estate site from your cellphone or iPad, rather than having to wait until you have access to a computer. Being mobile friendly is definitely going to be a huge demand from consumers, so Google’s new algorithm is definitely going in the right direction.