3 Things to Consider After A Property Fire


Most landlords see fires as uncommon occurrences. But that doesn’t mean fires cannot possibly occur. Best case scenario, nobody gets hurt. Property is replaceable, lives are not. Take a look at these things to consider in the aftermath of a fire.

Health and Safety

The number one thing to remember after a fire is the health and safety of your tenants. Be considered about the health and safety of your tenants, even if they caused the fire. Fires can sometimes cause unstable conditions in a property. In that case, you need to think fast and move your tenants to another living area. The recovery process after a fire will not be easy, so prepare yourself and your tenants for a lengthy road to restoration.


Organizing all parties involved in the fire is a significant task. If your property is part of an association, notify the right agent and managers for this association. Check your state’s laws on loss claims related to incidents like fire. Notify all parties whether they have nothing to do with repair. The sooner you notify all parties, the sooner repairs can begin. Some property elements need to be tended to as soon as possible due to their nature, like dehumidifiers. Think and act fast.


This should be a common practice for you and your business already. But always carry your insurance card. Additionally, you should require your residents to carry around their insurance card. You do not want an incident like this to happen and to not be covered (or to not have that information handy). You can also add a statement within the lease that states that residents should carry around their card. Implement these changes now, or kick yourself later for not doing so.

Taking steps to prepare for an incident like this is not a bad idea. Even if your property is not likely to catch on fire, you will need these tips in case disaster strikes.