DIY Landscaping Projects


A new landscaping project can improve the overall appearance of your property. However, for most projects you will need to invest a large amount of money. Additionally, property managers and landlords do not have time to maintain these projects once completed. For starters, save yourself stress and plan for a simple landscape design. You can easily transform a property with small additions. Here are a few DIY landscaping ideas:

Create Beds of Mulch, Sand, or Gravel

Beds filled with the previously mentioned landscape material can define the area of a yard and give it some life. This is low-stress option that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Before planting a bed, use rope to outline the areas to be converted. Then remove sod from the area using a spade. Outline the area with brick, nice plastic edging, or rocks. An additional benefit of a landscape bed is a decrease in grass you will have to mow and weeds you will have to uproot.

Use Plants or Shrubs

Native landscaping is another great option due to their long lifespan. Native plants require less fertilization and pest control. Research your area and find out which plants last the longest in your climate.

New Layer of Sod

Re-sodding the grass is another low cost idea. Healthy grass always improves the appearance of a property. However, keep in mind that re-sodding can be time-consuming. If you do plan to re-sod the grass, all you need to do is till the old layer of grass and water the soil. Then lay down strips of sod, water again, and roll sod roller over the area to establish the new sod.

Draw Attention to an Impressive Feature

If you lack the resources to plant flowers and flower beds, you may want to look at what’s already on the property and highlight that feature. For example, if there is a small but nicely kept shrub on the front lawn, you could surround it with a gravel bed.

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