How to Handle Weird Landlord Requests

door-lockToday we have another blog targeted towards tenants. You may already know that landlords are people just like you, just trying to make a living. However, it does not take much training to become a landlord. So you may get a landlord who’s a little crazy. Below are some of the most common weird landlord requests we found online – and how to appropriately respond!


Can I Use Your [insert household item]?

Your rent buys your right to a peaceful home with interruptions. You can either politely decline or create a business arrangement from this, such as a cut in rent. This way, the bizarre request does not create anything more than a business relationship.


Children Must Sleep Outside

This was for a vacation rental. Ignore this. Children are people, too. Not pets.


Don’t Let Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend Stay the Night

You might want to contact housing services. It is none of your landlord’s business to decide who can stay the night at your rental. Also, write a polite but firm note to your landlord explaining the request and the boundaries of their authority.


No Plants on the Porch

If this wasn’t in the lease, you technically do not need to comply.¬†Again, send a note to your landlord explaining that you are not in violation of the lease.


No Pictures on the Walls

In addition, the landlord stated, “This isn’t a dorm room.” If this was not included in the lease, you do not need to comply. It’s not criminal or illegal or damage property, if you use the right tools. If it creates holes in the wall, thus damaging the property, then it is a problem Write a polite note to your landlord explaining that you are not violating rules.


Notify Me When You Plan to Leave for a Week Or More

This is a little much. This is only a problem when you leave for more than 30 days and then don’t pay rent (i.e. “abandonment”). Write your landlord a note stating that this is intrusion into your privacy and it is unnecessary.

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