How to Manage Your Online Reputation


The internet can create many rewards and challenges for those in the real estate industry. Opportunities to connect with and discover potential clients are endless. Here are some pointers to manage your online reputation as well as the best way to deal with negative reviews.

Invite Your Tenants

Connect with past and current tenants to let them know that you are looking for reviews for your business. A good number may say yes, especially if it’s a business that has given them a place to call “home” for many years. Invites through social media, email newsletters, or old-fashioned postcards are great ideas. Know that you may need to remind your tenants to make their voices heard. If this is the case, remind them gently.

How to Handle Negative Reviews

In any business, you must know that you cannot please everybody. And that’s okay. However, if you see a negative review, do not let your emotions take over. Never take a review personally. Remain positive and professional. Reply back to the review with a “thank you” for their feedback and address their concern. Apologize and and correct the problem as soon as possible.

Monitor Your Online Image

Stay vigilant when monitoring your online presence. You want to make sure that your business has an accurate portrayal online. If you are too busy for this responsibility, can monitor your online presence for you and even clean it up if it gets messy. Additionally, Google has a service called Google Alerts, which searches for certain words or phrases you create. The results are then sent to your email to review.

The Internet Can Side With You

Know that even though people can make negative comments because of the possibility to remain anonymous, you can use positive reviews to boost business through social endorsements. Positive reviews also act as word-of-mouth, which has the underestimated power of increasing business. However you advertise these reviews is up to you.
If anything else, use common sense when dealing with online reviews. Avoid fraudulent reviews, request reviews from tenants on a regular basis, and remember to engage your audience.