How Do You Know Your Real Estate Business Is A Success?


While profitability is one great sign of success, there are also many other less tangible indicators that your real estate business is doing well. Following is a list of ten signs you’re running a good business.

Your vacancy rates are low.

Low vacancy rates can mean any one (and often a combination of) several good things: 1) that you’re doing a good job marketing your property to new tenants; 2) that you’re maintaining existing tenants; and 3) that your units are generally sought-after.

You receive referrals

When existing clientele are referring potential clients your way, it is a sure sign you’re doing things right.

You receive new tenants from referrals

With client referrals, tenant referrals speak kindly of your work and may also indicate that you have successfully instated a good tenant referral program.

Your Tenants Stay

It costs far less to keep existing tenants than it does to find new ones. If your tenants tend to remain in your units for multiple lease periods, chances are you’re pricing your units right and making tenants feel well cared for.

Other real estate professionals contact you for advice

While it’s nice to keep some secrets to your success, you should feel good about what you do every time another real estate professional seeks out your advice. Being viewed as an authority in the field speaks well of your skill set.

Associations and other professional organizations invite you to speak at events.

This is a no-brainer, but if professional industry organizations are asking you to speak at events, it’s a sure sign you are viewed as an industry expert.

You have an online marketing strategy.

The size of your online presence doesn’t matter as much as the fact that it exists in the first place. Maybe your company has a great web site. Alternatively, maybe you favor social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter for marketing purposes. The main goal is that you have some sort of online presence, large or small.

Rental agents approach you.

In some areas, clients use real estate agents not only to assist them in purchasing a home, but also in renting one. Because these agents are paid to know rental properties, no one has a better overview of what’s out there. If these rental agents are approaching you, chances are it means your properties stand out.

Potential tenants approach you even when you’re not actively advertising vacant units

This means your name and/or reputation has made a big enough impact that you’re a known commodity, available listings or not.

You like coming to work every day

If you enjoy what you do, you’re probably good at it. Contentment in the workplace tends to translate to better relationships all around. Everybody wins!

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