How to Show Older Properties

You have an older property that you know if perfect for someone out there. How do you convince that particular person? How do you show your property off in style? Here are a few tips:

Target the Right Audience

You have to find people who can picture themselves living in your property (whether for the price or its characteristics) and who will find beauty in its age. If it’s an older apartment or home, young families might not be interested. The older crowd, however, might be more easily convinced.

Tug at their Heartstrings

People who appreciate the music, movies and stories of the olden days typically have an emotional connection with older properties. Does the property (or surrounding area) have significant history? Research! Reference the property’s qualities, its value, and yes, its charm and character. Everything vintage has experienced a distinct surge in popularity – connect your property to the recent comeback. You can also appeal to the younger crowd’s desire to be unique. Older properties are one-of-a-kind. The crown moldings, wood plaster, claw foot tub and gigantic trees in the backyard are not things found on most contemporary properties. Point out every detail.

Prove That Old Can Be Hip

Real estate professionals take different approaches to presenting older homes appealingly. Sometimes they use words adjectives older adults may like but words which young buyers may see as “ancient”. Try using some new, bold descriptors to market this property. Get out your thesaurus and start looking.

Remove Doubts

Provide a detailed record of updates, fixes, and repairs. If everything has been maintained recently, your tenants will sleep much easier knowing the property isn’t falling apart.
When you have an appealing, clean property with great history on your hands, marketing it well just means helping renters adjust their idea of old in their heads. Assure them that even an old property will still provide plenty of enjoyment. Older properties can still win your heart over. You just need to market them well.

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