Why Written Policies Are Important


To create positive relationships with your clients, landlords must write, implement, and manage effective policies and procedures so your tenants get what they need from you and you get what you need from your tenants.

But what makes policies and procedures effective? When they cover legislation, agency culture, agency standards, processes, and relevant codes of conduct.

Write Legislative Requirements

Write legislative requirements into your policy so your business operates compliantly and its brand and reputation are protected. For example, legislation might state that certain communication must be in writing and on the prescribed form, so into your policies and procedures it goes!

Know Your Business

Know your business’ values, beliefs, vision, and personality. Don’t fall into the trap of copying other businesses. Determine what points of difference your business offers and create your unique brand around these points of difference…then uphold them by way of your policies and procedures.

Set A Standard

For example, a standard could be that your all tenants must be greeted in the same manner. Another could be the quality of the property your business is prepared to manage. When you create these standards and write them into your policies and procedures, you get consistency. This means that your clients know exactly what to expect — and that you and your team know exactly what to deliver!

Establish Processes

Processes are the way tasks are carried out through to completion. Processes organize tasks, allow them to be shared between your team, and provide the means to manage them.

Establish a Code of Conduct

Your policy must refer to the code of conducts you are to follow. No exceptions.

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