A beacon of hope for the real estate market?

Recently, on the Tenant File Facebook we shared an article about beacons being the next big thing in real estate; this begs the question: can we really change the future of real estate by using beacons to collect buyer information?

First of all, what are beacons? Basically, beacons are small sensors (wireless, of course) that use smartphone technology to push user data via Bluetooth Low Energy. Bluetooth Low Energy uses much less energy than the traditional Bluetooth technology we’re used to, so users don’t have to worry about it draining their phones. Since beacons transmit mobile data, they work very well in terms of convenience for the user and information gatherer.

As we all know, the future is digital and changing very quickly before our eyes, so of course we want to integrate technology into every aspect of life that we can. Using beacons adds an entirely new edge to the real estate market because it allows realtors to easily collect valuable data on consumers and consumer preferences, and even use that data later on. Typically, when you’re on the prowl for a new home, you go and take a look at the home before buying; in this process a realtor will most likely ask you to fill in a sign-in sheet with basic information about you and what you’re looking for. Beacons eliminate this awkward step, and instead use your smartphone to transmit information to the realtors inbox where they can gain consumer insight and have data for later on.

The use of beacons in real estate seems extremely promising, so we’re looking forward to see how this changes the way that consumer data is collected and used.

A typical beacon and it’s inner parts.
(source: postscapes.com)