Round of Applause for the all new Tenant File website!

We are very excited to announce the all new Tenant File website ! The new website can now be accessed from a number of mobile devices across different platforms (you can see it on your android and your iPad!), so getting your Tenant File questions answered on-the-go will never be an issue.

Recently, there’s been a lot of buzz about the all new Google algorithm that launches next week (you can read more about it here), emphasizing the importance of mobile-friendly websites. By optimizing our site to make it mobile friendly and easier to navigate, we hope that we can help our users become more familiar with our software and give them a better feel for Tenant File in general.

Beyond just optimizing our website, we’ve also changed our blog to keep up with the times. Our blog can still be accessed here, but now you’ll be able to read from any device with internet capabilities.

Now, we don’t want our current users to be scared by our new design! Both the blog and website are more user friendly than ever, and designed with the user in mind. There are also now more support topics, and an ever increasing number of helpful videos that the Tenant File is making available to all customers.

We’ve made these changes to enhance your experience with Tenant File so that we can guarantee we’re providing you with the best service possible.

Tenant File website
Just a small preview of the all-new Tenant File site!