Tenant & Landlord Relationship – It Goes Both Ways


Here at Tenant File, we constantly emphasize the importance of finding a good tenant, and keeping them. A large part of tenant retention is being a good landlord or property manager.

AsĀ  a landlord or property manager, you hold a very important role in your tenants life; you own the place that they call home, and you control the terms that allow them to live there. Obviously it is in your tenants best interest to be the best that they can and make the lease process go smoothly, so you want to make sure that you’re reciprocating this.

Being a good landlord or property manager goes beyond just making sure you do things in a timely manner or charge a fair price for rent (though these are super important), it means treating your tenant with respect and developing a a good understanding with them. Because of the nature of the situation, it isn’t as difficult to be a good landlord to a single home or small property; you’re able to have a more personal experience as a landlord and give more individualized service. If you’re a property manager with a lot of tenants, be sure to get to know them and make them feel that they’re not just lost in the sea of all the tenants. If you can make a lot of tenants happy, you’re bound to keep them and have them referring people to your property.