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Introducing our new site Real Estate Available (http://www.RealEstateAvailable.com)

The Tenant File is proud to announce our new sister site: Real Estate Available (http://www.RealEstateAvailable.com). This new site is to help prospective buyers find their dream home anywhere in the United States. Through a partnership with Zillow, the worlds leading home search engine, we have created a site to quickly produce the most up to the minute homes for sale which are available right now.

And we have not forgotten our substantial Tenant File customer base. Every Tenant File customer will be given a free listing under their state on the Real Estate Available site. While this will be a paid listing for others, our customers will get a free listing simply by ‘liking’ the Tenant File on Facebook. We will set up each Tenant File company with their name in bold, the company logo, a short description, the website URL and their email address. This listing is for a full year!

We appreciate our customers and hope that you will share in our enthusiasm for this new site for home search.  At the Tenant File we are looking forward to sharing our success with you.