Domain Names for Property Managers

Tenant File Property Management Software LogoIt is getting more and more important to have a great domain name. Not only does Google take keyword matches into account, but the general public will often judge your business based on your domain.

On the first statement, Google has valued exact match keywords for a long time. They are not ‘quite’ as important to Google as before, because domain name traders started selling ‘long tail’ keywords such as ‘’ and something had to be done. But just look at the search results, and you’ll see lots of exact match domains at the top of the rankings.

The public perception is important, too. If you domain name is ‘’, it could look like you are not that professional, regardless of whether you are or not. Now ‘’ would be good. Those domains are taken, so you might have to get creative. Don’t choose a name with hyphens or anything too long. Consider other extensions besides ‘.com’, so those are more available.

We own over 200 domain names, mostly relating to our business. A few we picked up because we liked them, although they don’t tie directly to our industry. If you are interesting in purchasing some of the following domains, just let us know. We won’t charge an arm and a leg, and some are really good.

  • Rent Homes .us – for any company renting homes in the US.
  • i Tenant Manager .com Internet Property Management business   
  • i Rental Manager .comInternet Property Management business
  • i Property Managers .comInternet Property Management business
  • i Manage Tenants .com Internet Property Management business
  • Commercial Management .info – info on commercial building mgmt.
  • Rental Management .info info on managing residential buildings

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