Tips for Transaction Posting

Sometimes there are little things that make work a little easier, and we try to add them to the Tenant File. We are surprised that many users don’t know these shortcuts, even though they can be found in the Tenant File User’s Guide. (That’s ok, many of us skip that part, too, when we download other software).

So, when entering transactions into the ledger, here are some tips.

  • Click into date field, and before you start typing anything, press your ‘space bar’. That will enter today’s date for you, and move to the next column.
  • If you start entering a date, be sure to enter the ‘numbers’ only, using 2 digits for the month and day, and 4 for the year. The slashes are entered for you.
  • In the next column, the ‘Account’ field, you can simply start typing and account. The drop down box will open and you can press the ‘tab’ key to select the account and move to the next column.
  • The ‘Remark’ field has 60 characters available, so that you have plenty of space to describe the transaction. Be aware though, all reports may not have enough space to show the entire length of the remark.
  • Be sure to only enter numbers in the ‘Amount’ field. The dollar sign will automatically be entered for you.
  • The amount sign (either a debit or credit) is determined by the ‘Account’ you choose. For example of you choose ‘Rent Charged’ it will only be an expense (to the Tenant).
  • The ‘Ck/Dep’ field only accepts ‘numbers’. If you have a long money order number, use the ‘Remark’ field.
  • The ‘Post To’ column is for display only, and is also tied to the ‘Account’ you select. It you see ‘Tenant’ that means the transaction can only be posted to the Tenant Ledger, and if you see ‘Both (T/U’) that means the transaction will be posted to ‘Both’ the Tenant Ledger (tenant accounting) and the Unit Ledger (owner account for that rental unit).

Be sure to remember that you need to click on a different row (above or below) to SAVE your transaction. To DELETE a transaction, click on the ‘grey button’ on the far left to highlight the entire row, then press the ‘Del’ key on your KEYBOARD. (not on the screen!).

Hope that helps, more tips coming soon!