Common Sense Property Management Software

Property Management Software packageI hear all the time the comment, “I thought my previous software was going to make my life easier, but it just gave me more frustration”. Property management is hard enough by itself without having to struggle with slow software, missing data, constant questions, and a difficult learning curve. Hopefully, I can address some of those problems for property managers here.

Make sure it works the same way you do

First, if you can’t try out the software before you buy it, run the other way! That is the only way you can be sure it is right for you. When you do try the software, start with one task, such as “I want to charge rent to my tenants”. Then, see how long that task takes. If is more than 10 seconds, it is too long.

How about this? “I want to update the Tenant’s rent amount, and then correct an amount that I accidentally posted to the tenant’s accounting”. Here is where programs like the Tenant File software stand out – many programs make you navigate to multiple menus to do common sense tasks. While this could take a long time with other software, the Tenant File makes it easy by having the Owner, Property, Unit, and Tenant information on the same screen as the ledgers. The above task would involve just 3 clicks from the home screen of the program, to find the tenant, open the ledger, and easily make the change. (I timed myself and both corrections took 8 seconds).

Keep your valuable data with someone you trust – you!

If you keep your own information, it will be safer. Find a program that allows you to make a backup of your valuable data quickly and easily. It should be as simple as clicking a ‘backup’ button then pressing ‘go’. If not, maybe that software is not for you.

Don’t get more or less than you actually need

Another common complaint I often hear is that the customer had previously paid ‘thousands of dollars’ for another complex software, yet they only manage a few rentals. Or, on the other side, they manage over 100 rentals and the software they have is just too limited. Ask the vendor their average number of rentals per user, and the market they strive for. You need powerful features in your software without paying too much. At the same time, avoid ending up with overly complicated requirements with features you don’t need.

Common sense assistance

With any new software you need a little help. Avoid companies that don’t provide a phone number or any free support – eventually you will need some assistance. With the Tenant File, we provide free phone support during the first 60 days while you are learning, then free web support after that, for all users even 3 versions backward.

Follow these common sense guidelines, and your property management software investment will help your business run a lot more efficiently, smoothly, and stress free.