How To Write Stronger Rental Descriptions

ThumbsUpGirl-smallWhile searching for a new rental, potential renters look for that great first impression. After all, this rental will be a large part of their lives for a good number of years. How do you write that rental description to keep them interested and keep you at the head of competition?


This is an obvious one, but overlooked many times. Time is ticking away. You need to get that property up to view. However, do not sacrifice a simple review in order to get your property out to the world before your competition introduces theirs. The world’s mental scan for grammatical errors has increased. Renters want a trusting landlord who pays close attention to detail and cares about their renters. Grammatical errors show disinterest and carelessness. And then off they go to your competition.

And while this next suggestion will induce a groan from you, I will give it to you anyway. You need to use a spell check of some kind. Even after reviewing your description over and over again, it’s always a great idea to have another eye glance over your words. Spell check provided by programs like Microsoft Word does the trick, but having another human eye look over your work is just as helpful.


Be cautious as to what kind of words you use in your description. While you want to appear friendly to your potential renters, you don’t want to appear unprofessional. So do away with slang words. Another tip is to use words that excite your renters. So get out that thesaurus that’s collecting dust somewhere in your home or office (or go online and find one) and search for terms that will generate excitement in your renters. For example, “old-fashioned” is one thing. It’s accurate, but doesn’t provoke buzz. Replace the term with “vintage”, however, and you will paint a beautiful picture for your potential renters.

Above all else, make sure your description is honest. Don’t use sophisticated terms for your property if it doesn’t exactly contain elements of that term. One inaccurate description can greatly affect your business. Word-of-Mouth is more powerful than you think.