Common Sources of Phone Anxiety (and How to Cure Them)

Business Phone
The initial phone call with potential renters is critical to gaining business. It is crucial that those in the real estate business are comfortable with talking on the phone. Phone anxiety can greatly hurt a real estate business. Here are three common sources of phone anxiety and ways to solve these problems:


1. “I’m not comfortable talking to strangers on the phone!”

The only people you are speaking with on the phone are strangers. They come from various backgrounds and they will be of different races, religions, ages, and genders. Some may even have a speaking disability. Some phone calls will be harder than others and that is okay.

Remember that the person you are speaking with is another human being – just like you. Both of you are at an even playing field. But, you’re the boss. Guide the conversation.


2. “I don’t know how to get the right information!”

Understandably, it’s an easy mistake. You have the rush of excitement when you get a new prospect, but forget how to ask the right questions in the moment. Then you’re left with no information to benefit you and your business.

To solve this, jot down 15 relevant questions to ask the prospect. This you could do right now. C’mon. Get out a pad and pen. Keep it somewhere you can easily access it. This way you can make an offer or run far away from the client ASAP.


3. “I lack confidence!”

In order to have a good conversation with a prospect, you must have confidence. Your first call should be about getting to know the client, not impressing them within ten seconds. That is not how these situations work.

Review your material. Know your properties. If you’re unsure about a policy, research it. And relax. This phone call does not determine life or death, even if you think it does.

Above all, practice. This is the best way to solve all three of these problems. Practice scenarios of typical prospect calls. Practice what you would say if the conversation starts going south. You will be better prepared next time the phone rings.