How to Improve Video Listings

film strip for video listings

One of the best ways to enhance your property listing is adding a video with it. However, these videos need to be done well in order to gain attention from prospects. Here are a few tips to improve video listings:

Voice Over

A friendly voice-over greatly enhances a video listing. It’s also the least expensive way to add value. Some computers have a microphone built in. If not, it’s easy to find a fairly priced one. Voice-overs let you point out the property’s best features and describe any recent updates added to the property. Just make sure you work from a script.


Don’t skip this one just because you don’t know what it is. It’s footage that’s played before the actual video listing. This personalizes the video and also makes your video look more professional. This also enhances your appearances knowledge-wise to your prospects.

Neighborhood Tours

Another great option, while it requires a little more work on your part, is a neighborhood tour. Prospects want to know what’s in the area. This is especially beneficial if your property is located in a popular neighborhood. So enhancing features like a park, pool, shopping mall, recreational building, arts districts, etc. are all great ideas.

Aerial Video

Exterior features of the property are challenging to film from the ground. Filming from off the ground can get a little tricky and expensive but, if done well, can exponentially enhance your video. Chartering a small airplane or hot-air balloon are some of the best routes to accomplish this task. Airplanes will give you more control than a hot-air balloon, however.

However you go about enhancing your video listing, make sure it is done well. Take these tips into consideration in addition to shooting high-quality footage and editing neatly. Or else, you and your listing will look sloppy.