Top 10 Windows Phone Apps for Real Estate Professionals

windows-apps for real estate

Last in our app countdown series, we are covering Windows Phone apps today. Here are the top 10 Windows Phone apps for real estate professionals:


Price: Free

This has already been covered in our previous articles, but we’re letting you know that there is an app for Realtor. This is a must have because of its access to MLS data and its high accuracy rate.

Real Estate by Smarter Agent

Price: Free

This is another repeat, but again, we’re letting you know that it’s available on Windows Phones. This app contains multiple search engines for you to use on-the-go.

Loan Rate Calculator

Price: Free

Real estate-focused calculators are essential for every Windows Phone-owning real estate pro to have. While speaking with a client, you can easily calculate the appropriate loan rate for them. Keep in mind, this is for commercial real estate.

Investment Property Analyzer

Price: Free

Let this app organize all your properties for you. In addition, it lets you perform analysis on potential properties to figure out if this property is worth investing into. You can also store and compare them side-by-side.

Plexi Voice

Price: Free

PlexiVoice is like the Windows Phone version of Siri. One benefit is that you do not need to memorize a series of commands. You can ask it to find information you need while driving, talking with a client, and more.

MapSnap GPS

Price: $2.49

This GPS is unlike any other. Take a picture of a map with your phone, mark your location in the app, select the scale, and then the app will automatically build your map and map your route.

Power Tools

Price: $0.99

This is the ultimate toolkit for Windows Phone users. It includes a flashlight, compass, and even more tools that measure sound, vibrations, lengths, angles, and more.


Price: Free

Here is another repeat app, but many people are not aware that Evernote can be accessed on Windows Phones. Take notes that can be accessed from your phone, desktop, or tablet.

Adobe Reader

Price: Free

This is a must for any real estate professional. Documents are passed around and you’ll need one place to read and store it on the go.

Digital Signature

Price: Free

This is the Windows Phone version of any other smartphone signature app. This allows you to sign documents while out and about, meaning you can go paperless!