Top 10 Android Apps for Real Estate Professionals


Yesterday we covered the top 10 iPhone apps for real estate professionals. Today we are focusing on the top 10 Android apps.


Price: Free

Like stated yesterday with the iPhone app version, Realtor is one of the best apps for real estate because it was developed out of the National Association for Realtors and it gives you access to MLS data. Here are the Top 10 Android apps for real estate professionals.

Smarter Agent

Price: Free

This app is a full dictionary of Real Estate Terms that’s user-friendly and convenient. Quick and easy access for on-the-go agents.

Google Voice

Price: Free

Google Voice allows you to send text messages and place phone calls with your Google number.  It also lets you listen to voicemails and read transcripts. To get a Google voice number, go to the Google Voice YouTube channel.

Remember the Milk

Price: Free

Every real estate professional needs to have a to do list. Not only does this app integrate with Gmail and Google Calendar but it also lets you add and complete tasks and alert you of any nearby task locations.

iHandy Carpenter

Price: $1.99

This app is a mini-toolkit tucked away in your Android phone. The tools included in this app are spirit level, surface level, plumb bob, steel ruler, and a steel protractor.

Google Maps

Price: Free

Google Maps is not just any other GPS app. It allows you to search for a specific object and will filter search results by distance and relevance. You can also search by your location, business listings, traffic, latitude, and more.

Where To Go

Price: Free

WhereToGo lets you get to know your current surroundings. You can search for the nearest grocery store, gas station, park, gym, and many more.

Karl’s Mortgage Calculator

Price: Free

Calculate mortgage payment plans on the spot. You can calculate payments given principal, interest, and term and reverse calculations for any of the three.


Price: Free

This is another app that was covered yesterday, but I would like to inform you that, yes, there is an Android app that works very well with your real estate needs.

Safe Neighborhood

Price: Free

Safe Neighborhood lets you search for sex offenders in the area. While this might be a disturbing app for some, many of your clients will have a concern for nearby sex offenders. It’s better to be safe than sorry.