Time Management Tips for Real Estate Professionals


In this ever-changing business, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with work-related tasks. Adding elements of time management to your business can be difficult due to the constant urges of “We need this done now!” or “This is urgent!” Here we have some time management tips to take back your work life! With structure and discipline, all of your tasks will appear simpler.

-Time blocking is one way to organize your daily tasks. Set aside a block of time each day for answering emails, looking for leads, following up with potential clients, etc. You can schedule these time blocks multiple times in a day, of course. You don’t need to set only one time aside for checking emails.

-Don’t be tempted by that ringing phone or those pop-up email alerts. Time is precious.

-Simplify your schedule to include only a few (but important) tasks. This will decrease the amount of time you work. Once you learn to focus on just a few tasks, distractions will decrease.

-Think about delegating tasks to other team members, if you have some. Sometimes you can get rid of half of your to-do list with this technique.

-Get important stuff done early. Pick 2 things you need to accomplish today and place them at the top of your list or schedule. Pushing these items back can cause even more distraction and stress on your part. Get these tasks done as soon as possible to keep your mind focused for the rest of the tasks at hand.

-Try grouping similar tasks together and doing them all at once. This relates to the “time block” tip we had earlier. Creating groups for your tasks can increase your productivity.

-Focus on one project at a time. Even if you think you are the multi-tasking type of person, that does not work well in most situations. Pick one project to work on, finish it, then move on.
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