Should You Devise A Sales Plan for More Leads?


You may have heard of the term “sales lead” in your time as a real estate professional. These leads are generated from a real estate networking group from big name companies like Zillow. However, there isn’t a well-established group for landlords. As a landlord, you absolutely need a plan to execute and stick with in order to find leads. Need help creating a sales plan? Read the tips below:

Mail Campaign for Rental Owners

Probably the most inexpensive item on the list, but can be effective if done well. If you go down this route, stay consistent. Mark down on your calendar when you will send out mailing. Create a timer on your phone. Make sure that your message is simple. Nothing too “flashy.”

Speak at a Local Business or Club Lunch

Organizations like Rotary have lunches on occasion. Let these people know that you are available to speak. Many times they are scrambling to find another speaker because the original cancelled. This is another great place in your community where you can network.

Don’t Underestimate Internet Marketing

Reach out to those on social media who are looking for a place to rent. On Twitter, you can search keywords and hashtags for those who are in need of a rental. However, industry professionals suggest hiring someone who is social media savvy to launch a campaign such as this.

Newspaper Ads

Yes, this is an old school tactic, but pay attention. This method actually still works. When deciding on your advertising budget, this can go for 1/3 of your budget and you can still make a profit.

Lead Websites

Another good sources for finding leads are online lead directories. You may pay a monthly fee in order to search for leads to bid on or even receive your own leads. However, you may get leads that want a low-cost leader and the “bidding” type does not stay loyal to the landlord.

Within a few months, you should have a solid sales plan to use consistently in order to generate more business.
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