Why You Should Use Green Pest Control


Green pest control has grown in popularity in recent years. Pest control used to be associated with harsh chemicals and odorous fumes. With the new Integrated Pest Management movement, pest control is going green. Making your pest control as clean as possible does great things for families with children, senior citizens, and pets. Use green pest control has many advantages. Here are a few of them:


Pest populations can decrease when traditional pesticides are used. Even an overuse of the traditional pesticides can increase tolerance among your property’s pest population, making the situation much worse. You may have heard of an increase in bed bug populations. This is due to inefficient extermination efforts that led to the bug’s resistance to traditional pest solutions. Green pest control is more effective than traditional pesticides. Additionally, rather than spraying harsh chemicals into the air without properly covering the most affected areas, green pest control goes into the crevices to eliminate pests.

Increase in Demand from Tenants

More and more tenants want green pest control. IPM is a responsible choice for everybody and it is relatively easy to sustain, which means that you can maximize your property’s life expectancy and value. Research completed by IPM shows that pest complaints have gone down. Additionally, one city turned to strict green pest control and pest management costs went down 30%. Lastly, pest problems decreased by 95% in low-income housing after green pest control was utilized.


By adopting a green pest control solution, you can be assured that the health of your building staff, tenants, and their families is a priority of the pest control strategy being implemented. IPM is a method that controls pest problems without unnecessary chemical usage. Instead, it uses a combination of sanitation and property maintenance procedures to resolve the causes of a pest situation, rather than just treating its symptoms.

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