Growing Your Property Management Sales


So what can you do to grow your property management sales? Here are some tips to follow to achieve property management sales success:

Tip 1

Recognize the fact you will be inundated with business-related tasks. Now, get to it.

Tip 2

Remember that a sales goal without a sales plan is a sales wish.

Tip 3

Stop panicking.

Tip 4

Discover how big the rental and real estate market in your area is.

You have to figure out your Total Obtainable Market, which is the number of rental homes or units in the area. Once you know your Total Obtainable Market, then you can write your sales plan.

Tip 5

Figure out your Total Obtainable Market in dollar value.

Tip 6

You have to develop your mission statement, and you have to believe in it so much that you will sing it to the gods. Keep in mind, you have to put this in writing so you can discuss it with your prospects, clients, and employees it will also be part of your sales plan.

Tip 7

Develop your strategy. This is nothing more than a simple list of your daily activities that you will use to go after these customers. Some examples can include create advertisements, distribute these advertisements, ask for referrals, get to know local homeowner insurance companies, and even more

Tip 8

Review your progress. You’ve worked very hard, if you followed our tips. Now review what you’ve done so far.

Tip 9

Wrap up what you have reviewed into a written sales plan used to measure your success. Refer to the plan periodically and see what works, and every couple of months ask yourself:

What should I continue doing?
What should I start doing?
What should I never, ever do again?

Tip 10

Don’t forget to rest!

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